Wife vs Wifey

I understand that the TERM “Wifey” is cute and endearing but ladies please understand that being someone’s ” Wifey” is not the same as being someone’s wife. I’m not married so I can’t be sure but, I feel as though the TERM ” Wifey” decreases the value and meaning of the TITLE Wife. I could just being overly dramatic but it annoys me when I hear men say, ” Yeah, that’s my wifey” especially grown men. When I hear that I think to myself, ” You don’t want her to have your last name, you don’t want to provide for her or work alongside her to build a life together but yet you expect her to do wife-like things so you can call her ” Wifey “. Are you doing husband like things?” Marriage isn’t for everyone. However, I do feel that we still need to respect the TITLES that come with marriage because there is power in both of them. To add to that I notice there is no cute endearing replace TERM for the TITLE Husband ( but I won’t get into that now lol ). I mean is this just me?

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